Accounting for Self Storage Businesses

self storage accounting services

As a business owner, you've learned to wear many hats but you're not an accountant. Gain the financial insights of a CPA that can oversee the financial side of your self storage business, James Castaldo CPA & Associates. We offer personalized accounting packages and will stay focused on the numbers while you run the daily operations of your business.

As your CPA, we'll develop a coordinated plan to monitor your accounting processes and tax liabilities. We'll deliver precise financial data that enables you to effectively track expenses, manage cash flow, and reduce tax exposure. Most importantly, if you need answers to important financial questions, we’re always easy to reach, willing to listen, and eager to offer advice.

We invite you to request a free consultation or call us at 631-302-1945 to learn how our accounting support can optimize performance for your self storage facility.

Accounting and tax services: