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Aviation Accounting

Owning and operating an aircraft brings a unique set of financial challenges. Maintaining compliance with all Federal and State tax record-keeping requirements is critical but can be complicated. We recommend owners of private planes, private airports and pilots enlist our help.  James Castaldo CPA & Associates is highly experienced in aviation accounting and tax services.  We specialize in navigating the complexities of the tax code and understand how it applies to aviation businesses and pilots.

Whether you’re a current aircraft operator or contemplating becoming one, our financial professionals will provide the practical advice and support you need. We can guide you through complex tax issues and provide financial statements to analyze and manage cash flow. We’ll provide assistance with partnership and fractional ownership agreements, aircraft acquisitions and other specialized accounting services that affect businesses in this particular segment of the transportation industry.

Call us today at 631-302-1945 and schedule a free consultation to see how an experienced Long Island, NY CPA firm can handle all your aviation accounting tasks including keeping your tax burden at a minimum.

Our accounting and tax services for aviation businesses and pilots include: