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Transportation CPA Accounting Services

CPA Accountants serving the transportation industry including ground transportation, boat marinas, and air travel.

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At James Castaldo C.P.A. & Associates we specialize in excellent accounting services for the transportation industry.



Proactive tax strategies are critical to minimizing taxes and maximizing profits for transportation businesses.

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We work with a variety of businesses from aviation to maritime to trucking and taxi services.

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Remaining profitable through economic shifts is easier with the help of James Castaldo C.P.A. & Associates.

CPA for the Transportation Industry

Transportation businesses must minimize expenses in order to maintain a competitive advantage. James Castaldo C.P.A. & Associates is committed to helping businesses in the transportation industry streamline accounting procedures, monitor internal controls and save money on taxes so they can remain profitable and grow.

We provide transportation accounting, bookkeeping and tax services to a wide range of businesses in the industry. From small family-owned marinas, boat charters, and trucking businesses to large multi-state franchises like limo and taxi companies, we customize our accounting services to fit your needs. We offer all our clients reliable financial advice and the friendly, personalized service they deserve.

Call us today at 631-302-1945 and schedule a free consultation to learn more. We’ll take the time to get to know you and explain how our transportation accounting and tax services can benefit your business.

Who We Serve

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Maritime Accounting

We're experienced in helping maritime businesses tackle their unique challenges such as rising fuel costs and liabilty risks.

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Trucking Businesses

We can assist owner-operators, over-the-road commercial drivers, and trucking companies of all sizes with tax and accounting needs.

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limo and taxi services

Limo and Taxi Services

Operating a fast-paced limousine service or taxi business can make managing your finances a constant challenge, we can help.

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Aviation Accounting

Owning and operating an aircraft brings a unique set of financial challenges, James Castaldo C.P.A. & Associates can help.

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